Judaism, Christianity and Islam (JCI) is a mid-level religion course in the religion major and also counts as a Level II CTI course in the core curriculum entitled, "The Responsible Self."  The course is designed to fulfill the objectives of both the religion major and the Level II CTI "Sacred and Secular" objectives [link to objectives of both]. JCI offers students an introductory comparison of the three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The three are compared in reference to the following five criteria: historical origins, scripture, worship, ethics and political presence.

This CTI Capstone works on applied ethics as we study the promise and problems of technology and sex, procreation, family, and infertility. We will focus on ethical debates about Assisted Reproductive Technology.  We will examine 3 key issues:  donated gametes, surrogate motherhood, and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.  We will examine two major ethical views, a Secular Liberal and a Roman Catholic Natural Law, in addition to feminist views.

Students will develop their own views and philosophies by building ethically-founded and defensible proposals in some "real-world" areas of assisted reproduction.