Explores management roles in recruitment, development, training, compensation, societal and individual goal setting, and the integration of these factors in the operation of the organization.Methods and techniques for accepting and directing societal changes as they affect the management of human resource are presented.

This course offers a survey of legal topics necessary for managerial roles. These topics include contracts, employment law, safety, torts, business structures, and various other topics relevant to managing business today. The topic of business ethics is used as a foundation to discuss and analyze the various legal components addressed

Experiential learning opportunities with approved business
sponsors. Enrollment is with instructor consent through
regular registration process. Evaluation is by letter grade
through assessment of weekly journals, written evaluation by
business supervisor, and a final reflection paper. Students must
commit to a work schedule of 75 contact hours for every
credit hour sought, up to a maximum of 6 credits. Project work
assignments are expected where students can apply
classroom knowledge to real business challenges.
Prerequisites: 3.0 GPA, completion of 60+ hrs, or instructor’s
consent.continued on following page

This course will provide opportunities for students to reflect together, analyze, and assess their experiences. Each student will learn by reflecting on his/her own project and by listening to other students discuss their projects. Students will begin to understand that there are common threads among their experiences and also see that there are important differences. Students will begin to understand the context in which their particular experience occurred and will be better able to adapt to new experiences. For the Project aspect of the course (BUS 403) the instructor will work with each student to develop a project that will provide an application of the concepts studied in the major.