Our business is to trace the roots and development of this field we call psychology, in an effort to understand how the field arrived at its present state and where it might go next. 

 What are the origins of psychology?  What is the significance of philosophy, of the physical sciences, and even of religion for psychology's development?  Indeed, what does it mean for psychology to develop?  How has the progress (or, a times, regress?) of the field impacted popular thought about human nature? What individuals are among the important contributors and what do we know about them as people?  What  is psychology, what has it been over the years, and what should it be?

The course investigates major contemporary and historical theories of personality and its formation. Different viewpoints about the nature and functioning of personality are compared and evaluated, including the trait, biological, psychodynamic, phenomenological (including existential and humanistic), behavioral/social learning, and cognitive perspectives .