This course serves as the portal to access online tutoring for the following Summer 2017 courses:

  • ACC 111 - Financial Accounting (Online, 8 wks.)
  • BMS 250 & 250L - Human Physiology & Lab (Traditional, 8 wks.)
  • CTI 100 - The Responsible Self (Online, 8 wks.)
  • CTI 102 - Written Communication (Online, 8 wks.)
  • CTI 105 - Math for the Liberal Arts (Online, 8 wks.)
  • ECO 202 - Principles of Macroeconomics (Online, 8 wks.)
  • PSY 211 - Introduction to Psychology (Online, 8 wks.)
  • PSY 317 - Personality (Online, 8 wks.)

Tutoring for courses listed as "Online" above will be provided through Zoom. 

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This is a course set up to provide instruction about elements in an online course

Judaism, Christianity and Islam (JCI) is a mid-level religion course in the religion major and also counts as a Level II CTI course in the core curriculum entitled, "The Responsible Self." To those ends the course is designed to fulfill the objectives of both the religion major and the Level II CTI "Sacred and Secular" objectives [link to objectives of both]. JCI offers students an introductory comparison of the three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The three are compared in reference to the following five criteria: historical origins, scripture, worship, ethics and political presence.

Required course for new William Jewell online instructors.